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Medical Specialties

It is said that, the possibility of an Indian suffering from a lifestyle disease is four percent greater than people from other nationalities. Changing lifestyle is mainly responsible for an increase in the number of people suffering from hypertension, stress and other heart ailments. Today world order leaves little room for entertainment, social life, exercise, and regular eating and sleeping patterns. Time is being converted into money and personal priorities take back seats as corporate interests and personal ambitions take center stage.  Only when our body starts showing signs of fatigue and inability, we look at our daily routine and think how the same impacts our personal lives.

AG Hospital & Lifestyle Centre offers a unique program to restore health from many lifestyle diseases like:

India being the Diabetic capital, we have an intensive diabetic program. The blood and the urine routine is done regularly and the progress is monitored. We have achieved remarkable results with the diabetics and have helped reduce dosages of oral diabetic medications or insulin after the fast when food and medications were reintroduction. Also the diabetics wounds have healed amazingly.

In this fast changing world with busy work, altered eating patterns, lack of exercise, ignorance & negligence of one’s health has resulted in various lifestyle diseases especially Hypertension also called the Silent Killer. Simple natural remedies including herbal supplements results in great improvements and therby averting the complications of strokes and heart attacks

Wrong eating habits and sedentary lifestyle has led to an alarming rise of obesity among the people. We have a wonderful program to combat this health issue. Our patient guests are very happy to take this program as they can see the results in a few days itself.

Unfortunately Cancer has been on a steady raise these days and many people are suffering as a result of it. Though it is a very challenging task combining lifestyle changes and natural remedies with conventional treatment, gives a great advantage in those with early cancer.

Many of the unhealthy foods have hidden oil and cholesterol that lead to high lipids resulting in various heart diseases. But the good news is that these diseases can be reversed by following a proper lifestyle program and continuing the right lifestyle habits.

Its sad to see that many people do not know the importance of drinking enough water and so land up with renal calculi or kidney stones. Instead of going through various invasive surgeries, simple natural remedies consisting of various juices and few other therapies can cleanse the kidney and flush out the stones from the kidney.

We have also achieved good results with the patient suffering from various Allergy problems with our treatment programs. Once the body undergoes a good de-tox, remarkable results can be seen.

Wrong lifestyle and eating habits have also resulted in many women diagnosed with PCOD due to which many are unable to have a normal pregnancy. Our unique lifestyle treatment program have dealt with such cases and tremendous results are seen within a few months. It gives us great joy to hear that some of them have conceived and delivered healthy babies shortly after their treatment here.

Autoimmune diseases arise from an overactive immune response of the body against substances and tissues normally present in the body. In other words, the body attacks its own cells. Autoimmune diseases are a major cause of immune-mediated diseases and our program can help combat them considerably.

Depression has become a common disease of this age due to the extreme stress that people undergo accompanied with their wrong  lifestyle. Learning to de-stress together with following some simple natural therapy and herbal supplements have aided in a significant improvement. Our spiritual support has also helped people overcome their depression and cope up ith normal life.


We treat primarily with nutrition (well balanced special diets, juicing, herbal teas, supplements), daily exercises, Swedish massages and hydrotherapy like fomentations, hot foot baths and Russian steam bath. Other treatment modalities used are mud therapy, infra-ray treatments and also colonic irrigation or enema cleansing.

Each health guest receives regular consultations which include a complete medical history and physical examination by the doctor during admission. A complete laboratory blood test is performed the subsequent morning. The health guests program is individualized, with regular consultations to assess their health status and progress during their stay.

In addition, we have an extensive program of health education and preventive medicine orientation. Health and nutrition lectures are given to the guests five days a week. We also offer demonstrations in healthful cooking as well as personal instruction and counseling in such areas as smoking cessation and disease management. A participant’s manual together with educational reading materials is provided for ready reference.